About GDC Tools

About Us

GDC Tools was started in February 2013 by Garrett David Collins (GDC). Garrett is a Master Electrician in Boise, Idaho and is also Owner of Boise Electric Services, an electrical service shop. He has a background in developing cost effective solutions in the field. Our hope at GDC Tools is to take the knowledge that has been acquired in the field and create innovative tools and processes that we at GDC can pass on.

Accepting Solicitations

We now have inventory available for direct and wholesale distribution. If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale supplier, investor, or would just like to talk about the tool, please contact us.

Give us your thoughts

The GDCenter Finder is a new, patent pending product that revolutionizes the installation of electrical panels and junction boxes. Because we are the infancy stage of our new product we are interested to hear your opinion. Whether you have experience in the field or not we would love to hear from you, please help us better our prouduct by sending us an email via our contact page.

Field Installation with the GDCenter Finder

Quick trick with the GDCenter Finder