GDCenter Finder

The GDCenter Finder is a new, patent pending product that revolutionizes the installation of electrical panels and junction boxes.

Available for purchase NOW!

GDCTools is pleased to announce that we are taking orders for the first production of the GDCenter Finder. Please click on the buy button and you will be redirected to PayPal’s secure site. The GDCenter Finder is priced at $19.99 and 5.95 S&H. All orders of two or more Center Finders will receive FREE S&H. Canadian oreders, please add $15 S&H regardless of quantity. Remember, like us on Facebook and feel free to post pictures of the GDCenter Finder being used on your job site.

Downloadable PDF cut sheet

The new sales sheet is available for print or download. Check it out, pass it on or hand it out. We appreciate any word of mouth we can get!

Three Years at GDCTOOLS!

GDCenter Finder mold How time flies! We couldn't be happier with the GDCenter Finder over the last three years. As our first product and new business, you never know how the cards will fall. Thankfully the guys in the field have been huge supporters and as always a huge thanks to our vendors, Rack-a-Tiers and

Accepting Solicitations

We now have inventory available for direct and wholesale distribution. If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale supplier, investor, or would just like to talk about the tool, please contact us.

Field Installation with the GDCenter Finder

Quick trick with the GDCenter Finder

The GDCenter Finder

Every day, electricians connect electrical conduits to junction boxes, enclosures and panels. When installing underground conduits field conditions and workman quality can lead to misaligned or crooked pipes. Even with well installed conduits, finding center of conduits can be difficult. Current methods of finding conduit center require the installer to use some basic math or “eye ball” the conduit. Using a tape measure to find the x and y coordinates off a fixed point to center of conduit, the installer transposes these coordinates onto the desired enclosure. This method requires a very skilled installer with years of training and even then proves to be a difficult task.

The GDCenter Finder is easy to use, compact, and most importantly the field installer doesn’t need to learn a new installation process. This tool simply makes the existing process easier. Trades people need a product that makes installation easy by cutting down their labor burden and increasing the bottom line and this is just the tool for the job.